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Our People

Andy Hui

Andy started his career when he was rewarded at the New Talent Singing Awards International Finals. Over more than 20 years, he has become one of the most influential and foremost artistes in the music industry of Asia, and has accomplished plenty of concert world tours which gained widespread praises. Signed by the Sun Entertainment [...]

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Our People

Janice Man

A well known model and actress in Hong Kong
entertainment industry.
Janice has participated in several movies, including: Love is not all around, Punished, Nightfall, The Midnight After, Helios (unscreened)
Apart from acting, Janice has graced posters, catalogues, television commercials that had been released in Hong Kong and Japan. She has broken out of Hong Kong that she was invited to participate in the Heart of Gold together with KIM Jae Wook for OPAQUE (a well know department store in Japan) and for their catalogue in 2011 S/S issue, and be the model of Isetan Group for their corporate advertisements in 2011.
She was the spokesperson of Dr. Kits Hong Kong in 2011 and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence from 2013 – 2014.
Janice is now the spokesperson of Bausch & Lomb (Lacelle Series) (from 2011), IPSA and Adidas Hong Kong’s Winter Jacket.

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Our People

Sammy Sum

After debut, Sammy has diversified his skills to build a better career. “Lan Kwai Fong 2″ was his first movie and his role ‘USB’ has won him the nomination of the “Best New Actor” in the “32nd Hong Kong Film Awards” in 2012. Being appreciated by Paco Wong, Sammy has finally become a singer as [...]

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Our People

Wilfred Lau

As a Hong Kong singer and actor, Wilfred began his career by participating of “1st International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship” where he won three honors. Since his debut, Wilfred rose to fame and become a popular name with the release of many classic songs. He officially joined Sun Entertainment Culture in 2014 and has [...]

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Our People


Nick could always impress his fans by his versatile talent. His unique music style, outstanding stage performance and trendy outfit have made him the perfect model of the new generation. He released album “REAL” in 2016 and won a number of prizes in different music ceremonies while his hit “Shuai Dao Fen Shon” (a.k.a Cool [...]

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Our People

Jun Kung

Jun is a well-known musician, singer-songwriter and music producer. Meanwhile, Jun is always invited to be the drummer of superstars’ live concerts. He is also famous in acting and soundtrack production. His songs “Here to Stay” and “Two-Hearted Flower” made him to be the winner of “30th & 31st Hong Kong Film Award Best Original [...]

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Our People

Ken Lo

Born in Laos, Ken was the winner of Muay Thai and won 7 successive champions titles of Muay Thai competition in Hong Kong. In 1980s, Ken began his career in the film industry and has participated in more than 80 films, including “Working Class”, directed by Tsui Hark, and other renowned works like, “The Law [...]

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Our People

Chloe So

Chloe has been a model since her secondary school age. After participating in a number of advertisements, she was selected to be the member of As One Plus One by Sun Entertainment Culture and officially became a pop singer. Then, the first song of the group, “Candy ball” even became a great hit which won [...]

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Directors Our People

Jonathan Li

As a film enthusiast since childhood, Jonathan has been eager to express his imaginations and depictions of the world through films. Devoting himself in filmmaking over the years, he worked as deputy director for numerous notable movies, including “Overheard 3″, “The Silent War”, “Lost in Time” and “Infernal Affairs III” etc. He was signed to [...]

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Apart from being a writer and director of films and drama performances, LeeFIRE is the Art Director of 61 Productions as well. He is experienced and multitalented in acting and creating. LeeFIRE has participated i n more than 80 drama productions, including ” Prison de Ballet “, “LOKAMOHI MAMIBA”, “BIG NOSE” and “Good Morning Manhattan!”. He is also a popular radio programme host, lyricist and columnist. One of his drama productions will be made into film of genre of black humor.

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Directors Our People

Jil Wong

Formerly an associate director and serving in the field for more than 20 years, Jil’s directorial efforts include “Out of Inferno”, “The Eye 10″, “Re-cycle”, “Diary”, “The Detective” series, and “The Storm Warriors”. With such experiences and expertise, he started to make films of his own, e.g. “Love Detective”, “Guilty”, “S for Sex, S for [...]

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Directors Our People

Derek Tsang

Derek has dreamed of becoming a director as well as an actor for many years. Today, he successfully achieved his goal. As an actor, Derek has played different characters in more than 40 movies, such as ” Love in a Puff” and “The Brink”. As a director, Derek’s directorial debut, “Lover’s Discourse” nominated him as [...]

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Our People

KB Kevin Boy / Kevin Li

As a well-known drummer of Hong Kong, Kevin Boy serves to be the live band player and the founder of his own brand “The Baddies”. Apart from his music career, he has actively participated in the production of film and online video in recent years and his “Kidney Explosion” series have won lot of supports. [...]

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Directors Our People

Jeff Cheung

Jeff stepped into in field in 1997, and has served as an associate director over the years. His film credits include blockbuster hits “Don’t Go Break My Heart 2″, “Cold War”, “THREE”, “Blind Detective”, “Poker King” and “Exiled” etc. In 2018, his directorial work “Agent Mr. Chan” was the box office champion of during the [...]

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Our People

Edward Ma

Edward began his career as a model and has endorsed various brands on printed advertisements, TV commercials and fashion magazines. With his enthusiasm in acting, he made his acting debut in 2013 in the movie “A Secret Between Us” alongside a renowned local film director Patrick Kong. Edward was then officially signed to Sun Entertainment [...]

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Our People

Wiyona Yeung

Wiyona started her career in modelling and then hosted various TV programs after winning the TV show competition. Her excellent performance in the program of “Agora” made her to be more famous among the audience. After earning extensive experience, Wiyona joined Sun Entertainment Culture in 2016. Her positive mindset and excellent martial arts talent enabled [...]

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Our People

J. Arie

Graduated from The University of Hong Kong. Her talent had shown when she competed in talent shows during secondary studies. She became the lead vocal of a local indie band during her undergraduate studies, mostly preforming in acoustic and unplugged style. She was the champion of HKU Singing Contest 2011 and Inter College Music Association Singing Contest 2011 (Solo session). Starting to learn guitar recently, She is a Grade-8 piano player who likes singers like Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Joanna Wong and Olivia Ong, for their unique voices as the instruments. Aiming to be the female vocalist in Hong Kong, She will strike to affect different walks of life with her sincerity and devotion in music.

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